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Friends of Fe y Alegria in the USA program provides 500 meals for five weeks to a group of students in UE Maria Inmaculada Scholl in Caracas – Venezuela. This school is located in one of the poorer neighborhoods in Caracas.

The following is a quick scenario of what is going on. Venezuela is experiencing an "unprecedented crisis" that has gradually brought negative consequences to the population. Hunger is one of the greatest repercussions in families and their members. According to the Bengoa Foundation in 2015, 25% of the students stopped going to the schools examined by that institution, because they did not have food to eat, while 30% of the population, of a sample size of 4,000 children in 22 schools in the country, suffer from child malnutrition and iron deficiencies, which were percentages that were projected to get worse in 2016.

Fe y Alegria organization conducted an internal survey, and the results obtained gave alarming evidence of how the food crisis is gradually impacting their population.

701 students (58.42%) of a sample of 1200 children;
1- 155 students (22.11%) only eat twice a day
2- 385 students (54.92%) go to bed without eating
3- 145 students (20.68%) are absent from class due to lack of food

There is a direct correlation between health and academic performance; such figures are indicators that predict a poor future for Venezuelan children.

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