About us

Compmunity Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Providing computers helps organizations struggling to make a difference with access to communication and resources.

Our mission

To promote the reuse of computers and the recycling of unusable items to keep them out of landfills. We extend the life of working computers by refurbishing them for reuse, and then donate those to low income families schools, and other non-profit organizations.

Our Goals

* Bridge the "digital divide" in a way that benefits everyone involved
* Open doors to allowing volunteers to learn a vocation
* Do our part for the environment
* Raise funds for the operation of Compmunity Foundation's programs

Our Process

* Take in unwanted computers from
the business industry and community
* Test and evaluate computers for working components
* Repurpose machines using working components

Our organization started on August 2013 from inside a garage in Smyrna GA, a solution is forming to a modern dilemma – what becomes of all the discarded electronic devices that people and business throw out? According to report by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on 2010, they estimated that by 2017 electronic waste o e-waste (outdated computer, telephones and other similar gadgets) will reach 65 million tons. That means we got rid of trashed or recycled of 142,000 computers EVERY DAY!! That’s about 200 times the weight of the Empire State. Also on average, people and business in the United States replace their equipment every two or three years, due to technology advances, but this equipment can still be utilized to almost 100 percent capacity. This statistics and facts inspired and become our core mission. All decommissioned PCs, that we received, are refurbished and installed with genuine Microsoft software and made available to schools, nonprofits organization and other eligible donors who cannot currently afford new computers.

Our Partners