About us

Environmental, educational, and vocational benefits are also achieved as part of Compmunity’s efforts, impacting both people and the environment. Founder Rolando Godoy, a web programmer for more than 20 years, began Compmunity Foundation in 2013 from inside a garage in Smyrna GA, because he saw the need to get resources to more people not only in the Atlanta area but also in International communities.
In today’s world, technology is a way of life and important to well-being in so many ways. For children, a key benefit of technology is enhancing their classroom education and potentially opening up new worlds when internet access is available. Unfortunately, there is a cost for this technology that for many low-income families is out of reach.
Compmunity believes the basic computer training it performs for the parents in these families has an impact beyond the parent becoming another supportive adult to their child. Learning about technology may also show these individuals that other pathways exist for improving their own socioeconomic status. They may choose to pursue technological learning even further.

Our Mission

Compmunity Foundation's mission is to embrace technology as a resource for building individual potential and non-profit organizations for their roles in the community as a way to create significant positive change in our society is what drives and inspires our work every day.

Our Goals

  • Digital literacy are the foundational skills needed to understand and safely use digital devices, software, and the internet.
  • Open doors to allowing volunteers to learn a vocation
  • Raise funds for the operation of Compmunity Foundation's programs

Our Partners